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How we work

Reliable, on-demand design in unreliable times.

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About us

We are a fledgling company and have the enthusiasm to match. We have already designed products dozens of clients & millions of customers.

How are we different to other agencies?

We get fully embedded in your team. Consider us as a full time employee, without the admin.

We build, launch and sell our own products, so know the struggles of start up life.

We specialize in helping SMEs and startups in their first 3 years.

Our team

We're hiring! Apply below

Andrew Burton


Speciality: Product

Will Gregson


Speciality: UI

Marta Palacio


Speciality: UX

Katie Barker


Speciality: UI

Ryan Knight


Speciality: Motion Design

Flo Slater


Speciality: Branding & UI

Jakob O'Connor


Speciality: Product

Danielle Willets


Speciality: Graphics

Andy Henderson

Senior Designer

Speciality: Graphic

Joe Benjamin

Senior Designer

Speciality: Branding

Sabi Andrade


Speciality: Graphics

Tom Crush

BD Manager

Speciality: BD

Shaina Patel


Speciality: UI/UX

Sam Barker


Speciality: Product Design

Noa Peeters


Speciality: UI/UX

Our skill set

Shoreditch Design Studio

A mid-weight design hire.

How we work in practice

One full-time, dedicated designer...

Supported part time by experienced Creative Director...

and skillset of specialist creatives on demand

What's the benefit

Why us instead of an employee or individual contractor.

No Pensions, paid holiday, equipment, software or NI hassle

Mixed skill set allows us to deliver for every industry and need

Round the clock design needs

Pause and cancel anytime in these uncertain times

Remove the gamble of an unknown hire

Constant cover for holidays or sickdays

The simultaneous work of multiple designers for tight deadlines

All at a competitive rate. We get fully embedded in your company like a full time employee.

We are available today for any design or creative needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quick quote or more portfolio examples. Email us at…


Our reviews

We've successfully completed dozens of projects for clients worldwide. Don't just take our word for it though...

“Exceptional communication.”

Dan Murray-Serter

CEO & Co-founder at Heights

“Delivered exactly what we needed”

James McAulay

CEO and Co-founder at Encore

“Proactive & attentive to detail”

Shazhad Younas

CEO & Founder of muzmatch

“Stellar design & incredibly quick”

Gear Fisher

Co-founder of Onform